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Meet Abigail Savage!

From performing with aerialists and acrobats to studying alongside pioneers in the field of massage therapy, Abigail has long been fascinated by how bodies move through space. She’s worked as a personal trainer and coach and brings that knowledge of physical performance to her true passion: bodywork. 

Abigail specializes in Myofascial Release and FasciAshi Barefoot Massage in the heart of Chicago and is always striving to find the best way to use her feet to 
myofascially attend to her clients.

Your massage is fantastic. How do you get clients to keep coming back?
We've talked to 100's of massage therapists to garner their top tips to retain clients.
Here are 5 favorites.
1.  Perform an act of kindness with each client. It can be something as simple as reminding them to pick up their jewelry/phone or opening the door for them as they leave. 

2. Value their time. If you are running late, make sure to let them know as soon as you can. When offering a 60 minute session, give them the full 60 minutes. If you want to work longer on them, don’t charge extra, and make sure they’re not in a rush to leave.

Let them know your policies ahead of time so neither of you get frustrated with miscommunication.
3. Genuinely care for your clients. Therapist Sharon in Alabama told me that so many local places are “just running bodies across the table and don't take the time or make the effort to really make a connection with the person.” 

Educating the client as necessary but mostly becoming their ally in getting their body better is key.  Whether that is reducing stress, reducing/eliminating pain, or simply because no on else touches them without judging that is what keeps her (and my) clients coming back and referring their friends and family.

4. Keep notes if need be to remember personal things about your clients. Ask about their spouse, children, or pets by name. Build relationships (without sharing too much about your own personal life). 

5. Keep in contact with your clients. It’s much easier with tools like Mad Mimi and Mail Chimp, which offer free mailings that look more attractive than your typical email.

Email them periodically telling them about the benefits of a new service you’re offering, a health tip, etc. Word to the wise—don’t make them all marketing tactics but rather helpful hints for life in general. If you find a blog post you think they'd love to see, share it!

Speaking of which... Tuesdays we post our "Tuesday TOESday Tips!" We share things like how to lay your table flat on the ground, securing twin size sheets, and fun tips that we've discovered to make your massage life easier.

On Fridays you'll sometimes see guest posts and other times posts from our team. These are more massage industry related, and they may be business or marketing and everything in between. 
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Need CE hours by the end of the year?
Washington: August 1-2 ROM (Range of Motion)
North Carolina: August 2-3 Intermediate Supine /
North Carolina: August 4-5 Advanced
Texas: August 18-20 Fundamentals
Missouri: August 31-September 2 Fundamentals

Missouri: September 3-4 Intermediate (Supine Sidebody)
Ohio: September 11-12 ROM (Range of Motion)
Georgia: September 15-17 Fundamentals
Florida: September 16-18 Fundamentals
Texas: September 28-29 Intermediate Supine /
Texas: September 30-October 1 Advanced
Chicago, IL TBA Fundamentals
Ohio: October 5-7 Fundamentals
Texas: October 15-16 ROM (Range of Motion)
North Carolina: October 19-21 Fundamentals
New York October TBA Fundamentals
Texas: November 9-11 Fundamentals
Washington: November 18-20 Fundamentals
North Carolina: November 29-30 Intermediate (Supine & Sidebody)
Ohio: November 30-December 2 Fundamentals

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